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CONVOCATORIA edición 2023

La convocatoria para la cuarta edición de Shortway se publicó el 26 de octubre, y cerró el 9 de diembre de 2022. 


Los seleccionados se anunciaron el 16 de enero de 2023 a través de nuestras redes sociales.

Conócelos revisando más abajo en este mismo portal.



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Talleres (21 de febrero)

Taller Jesús.jpg

Visualizando tu historia: momentos claves de la narrativa

Imparte: Damné Jesús Pérez Irigoyen / Dessignare
Hora: 16:00 a 18:00 hrs.

Taller Ideatoon.jpg

Taller Ideatoon: Cómo hacer una biblia para Pitch

Imparte: Jordi Iñesta / Pixelatl
Hora: 16:00 a 19:00 hrs.


Clases Maestras (22 de febrero)

Wilchees nuevo.jpg

Academia Sarah Connor para dibujar pies y manos
(o cómo resistir que los robots nos quiten el trabajo)

Imparte: Simón Wilches / Titmouse
Hora: 16:00 hrs.

Clase Adrian.jpg

Cómo hacer animación independiente 

Imparte: Adrien Merigeau / Director de Genius Loci
Hora: 17:00 hrs.

Clase Sofía.jpg

Dirigir y producir animación en stop motion

Imparte: Sofía Carrillo / directora, animadora (Prita Noire, Cerulia)
Hora: 18:00 hrs.

Panel nominados.jpg

Panel Online con los directores nominados al Oscar por mejor Corto Animado

Participa en esta exclusiva charla en vivo con los directores de los cortometrajes, como parte del programa de Shortway Campus
Modera: Ramin Zahed

Fecha y Hora: Jueves 2 de marzo, 11:00 hrs.

Esta actividad es realizada en colaboración con:




Adrien graduated from the French animation school EMCA in 2004, before moving to Ireland to work as background supervisor for Tomm Moore’s first feature The Secret of Kells (2009). Adrien directed their first short film in Cartoon Saloon, Old Fangs, in 2010. They then worked as art director on Tomm Moore’s second Oscar® nominated feature film Song of the Sea (2014). Adrien moved back to France to direct their second short Genius Loci (2020), which has received any international awards. He is currently directing a short piece for FX Networks’s Cake FX series in Paris, France.


Adrien Merigeau

Animation Director / Art Director


After working ten years in the Cinema industry, Corinne Destombes began Animation at renowned French studio Folimage in 2005, on series and short films. Since 2011 she produced short formats and supervised the Artist-in-Residence program, while developing TV series projects.Always looking for talented writers and unreleased films, she defends especially quality projects for young audiences. Today she is the Head of Development of Folimage and collaborates regularly in juries, debates and workshops in France and abroad.


Corinne Destombe

Head of development, Folimage


Degree in Audiovisual Arts from the University of Guadalajara. Winner of 2 Ariel Awards (from the Mexican Film Academy) for best animated short film for Prita Noire and Cerulia. Sofia's short films have attracted attention at festivals such as Sundance and Annecy, and several fantastic film festivals that have distinguished her with awards. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (United States) since 2018. She also participated as puppet costumes for the Second Unit of Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson.


Sofía Carrillo

Directora y Animadora


Carlos is a Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience in brand communications, advertising and Animated content creation. He has led projects for global international companies as Warner Bros, Discovery Kids, Bardel, Titmouse, Wildbrain, DHX and Sesame Studios. Carlos oversees all of Demente Studio’s projects, managing local and remote teams to deliver on our promise of high quality and cost effectiveness.


Carlos Gaxiola

CEO Demente Studio


A very experienced professional with nearly twenty years of activities in culture and events. She has been involved with the International Animated Film Festival Annecy and its market where she worked as an Assistant to the Artistic Director Serge Bromberg and as a Head of Projects (MIFA). She has met and cooperated with big names in the animation field such as Ray Harryhausen, Peter Lord, Tim Burton, Henry Sellick or Richard Williams. At present she focuses on young talents, providing direction in early stages of their projects and fostering the production process.


Géraldine Baché

Head of projects at MIFA Annecy Festival


Oscar Hernandez is an animation director with more than 12 years of experience in the industry. He has been the founder of 2 animation studios in Guadalajara: Platypus in 2012 and Aska animation studio in 2018 which he currently directs. Always focused on content creation, he currently has 3 series in development with LionForge (2019 Oscar winners animated short with HairLove ) based in Australia. ASKA animation works with clients such as Cartoon Network, Discovery, Netflix among others


Oscar Hernández

CEO ASKA animation studio


He studied Visual Arts in Bogotá, Animation in Cuba and obtained his Master's Degree in the United States. He is currently the creative director at Titmouse Animation studios and founder of the company Amaltea INC. Simón worked for TBS (Japan), and has directed projects for HBO, Gates Foundation, Netflix, Disney TV, Starburns industries, Apple and Adult Swim. His filmography has been presented all over the world, with seven consecutive selections at the Annecy festival.


Simon Wilches

Animador y director creativo


Mr. Machin was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 2014 as a 2d animation studio. We work with a selection of specialized digital artists to guarantee content on any audiovisual platform.


Roi Contreras

Director de Mister Machin


POLAR STUDIO is an ARIEL award-winning VFX company founded in 2012 in Guadalajara. Is one of the biggest VFX studios in MÉXICO, and has become "partner in crime" for companies like DISCOVERY (award company for best content in 2018) and also produces more and more animated features. The company has also specialized in visual effects for animation, directly participating in some of the main Mexican productions that have been recognized throughout the world.


Jonathan Guzman

Director de Polar Estudio


Content Producer, Audiovisual Developer and educator with 13 years of experience focused on new media storytelling projects for museums and video mapping shows. Always looking to collaborate on the development of immersive experiences.


Damné Jesús

Producer at Dessignare Studio

Eric Réginaud NS3.jpg



Eric Reginaud is the head of Ciclic Animation since 2015.


He was involved in the creation of the animation residence of Ciclic in 2000.

Prior to that, He worked as an animation studio manager, a producer and distributor, and as a drawing teacher. He graduated from Orleans Fine Arts School in 1986 (Master in Cinema)


Éric Réginaud

Head & Supervisor at Ciclic animation


Ramin Zahed is a journalist who has covered the film and television industries for over twenty years. His writing has appeared in Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Times, and Movieline. He is also the author of The Art of Puss in Boots, The Art of Rise of the Guardians, and The Art of DreamWorks. He is currently the editor of Animation Magazine.


Ramin Zahed

Editor Animation Magazine




Sesiones uno a uno

Talleres y sesiones exclusivas para bootcamperos

Actividades abiertas a todo público

Comidas y cenas exclusivas para bootcamperos

online posterior:

Jueves 2 de marzo,
11:00 hrs. (Mx)
Panel: Nominados al Óscar por mejor corto animado













Martes 21

Tips for a successful Pitch*

Mentors sessions 1


Mentors sessions 2

Talleres abiertos


Bienvenida y mecánicas

Miércoles 22

Taller Folimage: 
Desarrollando tu corto animado*

Mentors sessions


Clase Maestra: Hacer animación independiente / Simón Wilches

Clase Maestra: Hacer animación independiente / Adrien Merigeau*

Clase Maestra: Dirección y producción / Sofía Carrillo


Jueves 23

Sesión de Pitch

Ruta de festivales y apoyos

Anuncio ganadores Shortway 2023

*Estas actividades son en Inglés

Arbor (2022).jpg
Primer lugar.png


Creado por: Valentino Lasso (México) 

Fue el proyecto ganador de la tercera edición de Shortway.

Ediciones Anteriores

¿qué debe tener una Pitch Bible
de un cortometraje animado?

La Biblia para Pitch es un documento corto que contiene la información básica de tu proyecto para presentarlo a cualquiera que se pueda interesar. Debes buscar que sea atractivo y que invite a querer saber más del proyecto.


Abajo te compartimos una ilustración con los contenidos básicos para que puedas participar.

Asset 8.png


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